Throw Back Thursday

I don’t know if I will have a picture for every week, but I decided to do another Throw Back Thursday! Our wedding anniversary is next week, so I got one out of the wedding folder. Markus doesn’t like his pictures plastered all over the internet, but I don’t mind, so here is a wedding photo of me.

Our wedding was in Bavaria. It was a strange mix between Southern American and a German Catholic traditions.

  1. I remember as I got my hair done, the lady was totally stressed. I gave her a picture of what I wanted. There was no way she could have practiced, because we drove down just a couple days before the wedding. What she did was actually really easy in the end. Just put it back in a bun like ponytail. At least the veil covered it.
  2. Jewellery was loaned to me from family.
  3. Dress and gloves from America — because it was way cheaper.
  4. Flowers from a florist, who just couldn’t understand why I didn’t want more green leaves that go to the floor.
  5. And smile from the Trident commercial. I think American girls are trained from birth to smile like that.

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