Throw Back Thursday

Through Facebook, I have been able to see such wonderful pictures from the past of my friends every Thursday. I have never posted a Throw Back Thursday picture, but I thought I would today on my blog. Many of you have kids going back to school this month. So here is my first grade school picture.

  1. Some have suggested I put a hair band in Maxine’s hair. This is the sole reason I will not put her hair up until it is long enough to be a real pony tail. Whatever is on top of my head — fountain, palm tree maybe — it’s crazy.
  2. Take your eyes a bit lower now. Have you seen it? I had my ears pierced in the first grade, so I was a fashionista when it came to earrings. Blue balls? Pink musical notes (or high heeled shoe)? It doesn’t matter. You have two ears. Think about the mix and match possibilities! Why this trend never was a hit is beyond me. Just glad you don’t see my shoes or socks. Keds were in style and I had a pair in every colour. 2 feet, 2 shoes, 2 socks, the colour combinations are again endless.
  3. Usually it is recommended that a solid coloured shirt is used for picture day. You don’t want to take away from that smile, teeth or no teeth. However, the early 90s were different. I am not quite sure what is on my shirt. Cards? Stamps? Pictures of royalty or clowns?
  4. What is important here are the shoulder pads. The shoulder pads go way beyond the actual shoulders inciting a confidence that only a 1st grader with two different earrings and a fountain-top hairstyle can project.

Isn’t it crazy how you can grow and develop so much as a person, but still admire something about your childhood? Although I hope my style has developed and refined since then, I definitely admire little Jennie’s confidence.

Do you admire something about your younger self?

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