T-shirt Bibs

Last week I made some bibs for Maxine. Now that she is eating pureed solids, it can get messy! I took some of Markus’s old T-shirts and quickly made them into bibs for her. I have the idea from Corinna Olek’s blog. Hers are a lot nicer with velcro. I should really order some velcro to make mine a bit nicer. I didn’t sew them exactly like Corinna did, instead I did it quick and dirty — just like Maxine eats. I turned the T-shirts inside out and traced a pattern from one of my favourite bibs. I then just sewed around the markings, while the shirt was still inside out. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI cut the shirt along the outside of the seam and turned the bib right side out. I stitched along the collar. The picture below is what you should not do! I first started to stitch while it was still inside out. This creates a problem when trying to turn it right side!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI then cut and finished the ends of the straps. Like I said, I want to add velcro so it is easer to put on and off of Maxine. But I wanted to try it out first. The size and material is perfect for catching anything from sweet potatoes to salmon puree.

What do you think? Should I use velcro, or just tie them? Although I like how the normal collar fits over her head without any fastening, it is too big. What should I do next?



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