Lemon Tart á Julia Child

So today I attempted Julia Child`s Lemon Tart!

It was a lot more difficult than I originally thought. Boiling the rinds of the lemons, whisking the eggs, and of course the general measurement conversations that I deal with every time I cook out of an American cookbook. Julia herself said,

“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”


Lobster Thermidor

Saturday some special friends came to visit. I had always wanted to try to cook a live lobster. Markus was terrified. I got out the Julia Child cookbook, and attacked the situation without fear. In the end we had wonderful Lobster Thermidor. Markus helped a…

Healthcare in Germany

Lately I have been on summer holiday from school, and as I am newly preggers, I have been filling way too much time reading blogs and forums about pregnancy. I read most of the websites in English, because I assume the physical differences are the same around the world. Most of my surfing involves googling some random questions, such as “Is it normal to sleep half the day and not want to get up while being 2 months pregnant?” or “10 weeks and pregnant blog” or “disposable vs cloth diapers” and so on and on and on . . .

Istanbul – Street Food

During my May holidays Markus and I took a trip to Istanbul. Thankfully this was before the riots and political uproar. When we were there all was lively, but peaceful. I remember the only political complaint was from a taxi driver who said that politicians…