Last weekend we made lasagna for our friends. Instead of buying anything already prepared, Markus and I always have fun making it from scratch. Well, we didn’t make the pasta. Once I get my Kitchen Aid we will be able to make the pasta, too.…

Midwife: check!

It’s been two weeks, and I have been busy working and spending time with Markus and his sister who visited us last week. The past couple days I have had a pretty bad cold, so I have been laying in bed sulking most of the time. 

Hebamme? Kitaplatz? ANMELDUNG!

But with all this planning, people have begun asking what I will be doing next year (meaning how many years I will take off), do I already have a Kitaplatz (Daycare organized), and if I have scheduled my Hebamme (midwife). 

New Crib (no, not for the baby yet!)

Markus and I finally settled on a new place. It was a hard decision. Markus took on most or all of the stress of it. I just said if I wanted to live there or not. Will we like it? Can we make a nice home for the baby there? Can the child grow up there? Is it child friendly? Can we make it into our home? Yeah, questions are already becoming more adult. I guess every decision carries more implications from now on. AGH!