Maxines Einschulung!

August 11, 2020

We are so proud of our 1st grader. She walks into school so confidently every day. And she loves her teacher, Ms. Stier, in the 1c. She has already met friends. In her Schultüte were school supplies, trinkets, and candy. She was excited about opening it.

She marches into school alone everyday with her backpack, Schulranzen. In it is her lunchbox, water bottle, and folder. She usually eats everything in her lunch box.


Felix also started Vorschule at the same school. I won’t try to translate this because it will get confusing. Vorschule is the Kindergarten year in America. Kindergarten in Germany is preschool/daycare in America. Although Vorschule directly translated is preschool. But we all know not to translate directly. Yeah, it can get confusing.

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