Goodnight house. Goodnight mouse.

A couple of times when I have been woken up in the middle of the night to feed or comfort my daughter, I have realised I am not the only one up and about. I have spotted one in the kitchen in the back corner. And I have spotted one scurrying across the hallway floor.

It isn’t surprising the mouse are in this old house we live in. The house is from
the turn of the century, and there are perfect openings for mice to go from one apartment to
another. But after I put Maxine back in bed after we read Goodnight Moon, I couldn’t help but to think of how we could say Goodnight to the mouse forever. I honestly had trouble sleeping. Images of my Maxine scooting across the floor the mouse had just run across. All the thought of what mice leave behind just wouldn’t leave my mind. So I planned, I premeditated, and I conspired with Markus for Blitzkrieg.

Maxine says goodnight to the mouse every night when reading “Goodnight Moon”.

We ended up buying 17 mouse traps. Most of them were the cheap wooden ones I bought at Budni. Markus also bought some very professional plastic ones from Amazon. We used bacon, cheese, and Nutella. OK, the “we” was a lie. I did it. Markus tried to help, but was scared the trap would go off on him. Markus is really good at a lot of things, but setting mouse traps falls into my category of household 2

For the last three nights I have put the traps out and picked them up in the morning, so Maxine won’t find one. Every morning one or two have gone off, food gone, and no mouse in sight. Some are even still set with the food gone! This just isn’t working. We are feeding the darn things!

My toes hurt when walking around the house at night, afraid I will step on a trap!

In phase 2 of the war against the mouse, we will have to try a better method. I am thinking about putting poison in places where Maxine can’t get to. But then they will just go into the wall and die. I don’t know if this is really a solution.

Any suggestions?? I need help!

Update: Mouse was finally caught, pictures were taken, and landlord was informed. I will not be showing pictures of mouse. yuck!

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