Carrot puree

I never considered myself a super homemaker. But I think it is just kind of happening. There is no reason for me to make all of Maxine’s food on my own. The little glasses of baby food at the shop are exactly the same as what I make. If you look on the ingredients, only carrots are in the carrot baby food. Maybe I am completely crazy, but for some reason I feel the challenge to make Maxine’s food on my own. I guess I enjoy getting the food at the vegetables at the market and seeing the whole process. And when I say I see the whole process, I see those carrots from the time I buy them at the stand down the street until I empty that diaper into the trash bin.

So, once a week I take an hour and make Maxine’s food for the next week. I bought sweet potato, squash, broccoli, and apples last week. I washed, cut, and prepared the food. I cooked them in boiling water one at a time. It goes really fast. Once the food is soft, I put it in a Mason jar and puree it with my hand mixer, and then put it in storage containers to freeze (which you can see below). The mixer fits perfectly into the opening of a Mason jar. They were made for each other.

All of the vegetables went accordingly this time except the carrots. As I was finishing up I hit the mixer on the glass to get all of the goodness off the mixer. And what happened? The Mason jar broke and glass was all over the carrots. Not only did I have to throw out the carrots, but my beautiful Mason jar also went in the bin with the carrots.


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