Scheiß Socks

I did it all. The scheduling the feeding, sleeping, playtime, and baths, but it is just not working for us since we got back from our trip. First a cold hit us hard. We were cranky and sleepy, and by we I really mean we !  That first week just didn’t work. Baby slept at night, but needed to drink at midnight, 5am, 6am, 7am, and 8am. And just to show that yes, you, Gina Ford, are correct in that babies don’t need to drink so often, Maxine also reminded me with a bed, and a shirt full of spit up, and skin that wreaks of soured milk.

That was the first week. Last week I was getting back on track. Jet lag didn’t get the best of me and there were actually a few days that Maxine was on her schedule. This week was going to be back to normal.

This morning is now Wednesday. Maxine still wakes up at 4, 5, 7, and 8 in the morning. I really have no idea what time she wakes up. I just know it is barely light outside, and she wakes up often. My wonderful husband got up for work and made me some coffee on his way out. This morning was going to be perfect. As he was getting ready she was playing on her mat and then got a bit fussy.  I rolled over.  I know, it sounds horrible. But I was up late last night, I couldn’t help it if Dempsey and Bradley couldn’t get their act together to store a goal, and Howard was just too good to let the Belgians walk away so easily.

So I heard the door shut, and I took my first sip of warm coffee, as if it was the signal that now I am on the clock. After feeding her and playing some, Maxine fussed her way to sleep, and I took the chance to fold the laundry that had been drying since yesterday, clean out the dishwasher, and? and? — Well, it seemed I did a whole lot more, but I guess that was it. Heck, I was actually proud of myself until I began to list what I actually did. But, Gina, you should be proud, naps were on schedule. I got myself ready just in time for her to wake up. I was pleased I could make it to Postnatal gymnastics (Rückbildung) again, as the the health insurance pays for ten times, and I only made it half the time so far.  Nurse, diaper change, my clothes change again, socks, hat, baby wrapped up on me, keys? where are my keys? I got in the apartment somehow yesterday??? Under Markus’s jeans of course! blanket, play toy, clean diaper, and almost out the door, but I realized I had to pee. Mind you Maxine is wrapped on me, could I do that?  I think of the alternative.  I could wait until I was at the course, but what would I do with Maxine? Leave her alone in the course room? Take her to the bathroom with me? I have a couple of minutes, so Maxine goes to the toilet with me.  And then finally out the door.   I walked down the three flights of stairs patting myself on the back, well done, you, still on time!  I open the door and it is raining. No umbrella. Well, the course is down the street, so I wrap my jacket around Maxine and walk briskly to the course room.

attachment-53b3d4b7e4b0d9a582b17b2bOne mom is packing up her kid back into her stroller. I stand there, staring at her shaking my head,

“No, don’t tell me the course is full”.

“The last one just went in.”

“Scheiss keys, Scheiss bladder!”  I muttered while walking away.

“There is another one in an hour.”

Wonderful! Another course in an hour, as if I don’t need to work on my paper for my Master’s course, or clean the house, or do the shopping for dinner tonight. Another 2 hours out of my day. As I walk home, I stopped at the market and picked up some veggies for dinner, and on my way caught a disappointing stare from a passerby. I reached down and realized Maxine has kicked off her socks. Those are the second pair of socks I have lost in two days. Maxine’s socks are all over the neighbourhood! The walkways were full, why didn’t anyone stop me?

Up three flights of steps, laid Maxine down on her play mat, and listened to the fussing as I ranted on my blog. It has been almost an hour, so let’s try this again. Let’s try to go to gymnastics — Take 2! Maybe I will actually find the scheiss socks.


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