Not even six months changes!

Maxine is getting way too big for her britches! She is only five and a half months, and she has been poking her head out of her cot. In the morning she arches her back as much as she can and watches us sleep. It is kind of creepy. She is the length of her cot. It should last through month six. But it is too small for our Maxine.

We have already switched the stroller to the sitting position, now the bed. Now that she has started eating, I switched her high chair as well to the baby set, not the newborn anymore. Yeah, not the newborn set anymore!!! This momma is struggling to keep up.

Childproofing is almost done.

Baby food preparation is underway.

Bedding has been switched, and Maxine has slept the last two nights in her own room.

There are too many changes to make at six months. I need gradual changes! Soon she will be packing to go to college!

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