OhioToElbe is 1 year old!

I started OhioToElbe when I found out I was pregnant. I wanted my friends and family both on the Ohio and on the Elbe to know what was going on in my family’s life. I have documented our eating, our travels, pregnancy, and baby. I have tried to document our life. Even if it is not read, the blog serves as a way for me to archive what has been going on in our lives. Since it is a year old, I have made some changes. I have been working on the layout and fonts. And I have some more improvements in mind.

The thing is, that at some points it seems a bit like a brag blog. This is because I naturally post what I am proud of, what I have worked hard on. However, I have also posted troubles I have had such in Scheiß Socks. These posts also seem to go over well, because they are the harsh, and sometimes comical truths of life.

I am now hopefully done with my Master’s degree. I have done all the work, I just have to wait until December or January for my marks. I start back to work in February, so I have have about six months left with Maxine at home.  I have decided to take the next six months and try out a new project — an extension to the blog. I have always dabbled in writing. In high school and college I wrote frequently, and I almost went into Journalism. This may be a way for me to test the waters again.

The other part of my blog will continue. I will continue to write about our endeavors in the Schanze with cooking and our travels around the world. However, I sometimes want to show the not so perfect side of our lives in a comical way. My goal for this area of the blog will be frequent, short comical posts about life as a Schanzen Mutti.

So continue to let me know what you think by commenting here or on facebook. And I will see how it goes, if it is interesting to others or not.

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