Kopfkino: Velcro Baby

Last night I was thinking of a way to solve a problem I am having with Maxine. Although I wouldn’t in reality actually do this, I think it would work.

Maxine can roll over one way, but not the other. She rolls from back to stomach, but not from stomach to back. The problem is, she never stays on her back. I use to put her in her cot and she would fall asleep. Now she rolls over on her stomach and cannot fall asleep. She doesn’t know she can lay her head down. And she cries and cries and cries until I roll her to her back. I have to roll her to her back so many times until she doesn’t have the strength anymore to make it to her stomach. She gives up mid-roll and sleeps on her side. This happens a few times a night.

I have been thinking of velcro. This would probably be the safest. If we put the soft velcro side on the cot mattress, and the scratchy hooks on her back, she wouldn’t even feel them. She would then be stuck on her back. I wouldn’t have to turn her back over throughout the night. She would be velcro-ed down.

Problem solved? How should I solve the problem? Or will she just learn to sleep on her tummy?

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