It has been awhile since posting. Well, I just posted about pies, but that was because I wrote it a couple weeks back and forgot to post the final draft.  I have been working on my Masters, and finished my next to last project to turn in. We also had company over the weekend, Markus’s family.  So needless to say, my blog has been on the back burner. Here are some updates about what I have been doing.

1. I am almost finished with my Masters. I have one more project due in September!!!

2. I have been sewing! I have sewn a summer hat and some bibs. I realised that the handkerchief bibs kids wear around are not for fashion, but for all the slobber that comes out of their mouths. So a sewed a couple, and now I won’t have to change Maxi’s soaking wet outfit so much.

Here are the hats I made:

And here are the bibs. I made a pink and a blue one. The backing is from one of Markus’s old T-shirts.

3. I have been baking pies.  See the previous post!  Note to self: take more pictures of my pies!!

4. We have been grilling a lot. In Germany the perfect hamburger bun doesn’t exist. So I have begun making my own. It is really easy, actually. Here are some pictures:

5. activities: Maxine and I have also started swimming once a week, and she also accompanies me while I do yoga for mommies. It is to get mommies back in shape after pregnancy. The babies play. I also go to Rückbildung, which is a gymnastics class the health insurance pay for for postpartum mommies.  In her swimming lesson the babies kick around the pool and we play games and sing. Or the other mommies sing and I pretend to know the songs. I feel like I have earned a mommy medal every week after going. Remembering everything, getting her dressed and myself dressed before and after, and packing everything together again is not an easy task, but it is doable. Maxine and I are also taking German courses. I still need to work on my written German, so I decided to take lessons during this year I have off.

We went to Sylt this weekend, and then we are off to America Friday. I have a lot on my plate! I will try to do “a what to pack” with post.

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