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Markus finally cleaned out his closet this week. He only wears three shirts and one pair of jeans that I am forbidden to wash anyway, so I didn’t see the need for him to have half the closet. He sorted out some dress shirts that we were going to put out for the donation collection on Wednesday. They had to be out at 8 in the morning the day of. Well, needless to say, at 8am a new mother of an 8 week old has other things to do. I completely forgot. Then I had a box of old jeans and dress shirts. I went to Pinterest for inspiration.

With the jeans I made a very easy iPod cover that I had been needing.

With the dress shirts I decided to make a couple of dresses for Maxine. I had a pattern already, so I was ready to try it out.  Mind you, this is the first time I would have to sew curved lines. My first attempt was very simple.

My second attempt I think looks better. The edges on the sleeves are better, because it has some backing. I also made some details on the hemline that my sewing machine is capable of. Here are some pictures. My model makes the dresses look fabulous!

I also made a wet bag for Maxi’s cloth diapers. This was really easy, but I sewed a zipper on for the first time. As you see I had some trouble. The zipper works, but I didn’t keep a straight seam. Next time I will sew the zipper on first before sewing the bag. Order is so important when sewing. Every new project I learn something new. Thank you youtube!

All while she sleeps! Her two hour nap in the afternoon is when I do something I enjoy. I have a coffee with a friend, take a walk, blog or sew a dress as I did this week. Her other naps I rest or do some of the chores. Her sleep time is my me time!

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