Kookin’ with the Kuhrt’s

Our neighbors, the Kuhrt’s, also have a love for spending the day in the kitchen. We wanted to try out their stove and oven because we are thinking about replacing ours. We bought used Ikea appliances off the last renters in our apartment. Slowly we want to replace them because they are not very optimal for our daily cooking. So the neighbors invited over some friends, and the men got started at noon the day of. I had already done some pickling that was needed a few days before. The guys did the cooking and I played with the kids. Most of the recipes come from The Gramercy Tavern cookbook. It is an upscale restaurant in NYC. The first course is from a star restaurant in Sylt and the meat course is from the Miele cookbook. We had to try out the oven! Markus bought an ice-cream machine this week. I wasn’t totally for it. I don’t like kitchen machines that only have one purpose. But Amazon came with it on Wednesday, and we used it for the sorbet and the dessert. The Menu: (Some of the dishes also had their recipes on the internet.  I linked what I could find.) 1. Artichoke with Chorizo-Sabayone 2. Sugar Snap Peas with Crablegs 3. Halibut on Radish and Beet Dashi 4. Whiskey Sour Sorbet 5. Veal with Asparagus made in 4 different ways 6. Mint Chocolate Ice Cream with Williams Birne   2 days before: pickling for the second course


Sous Chef The final products with wine pairings It was a wonderful evening! Thanks Nils and Markus!

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