Cloth Diapers

I feel obligated to do a cloth diaper blog entry– mostly because it is kind of unknown here in Germany, except for the old-school-hippy ones. But I won’t go into details, because there are a million blog entries and youtube videos about the subject — mostly from America.

Here was Maxine’s reaction to clothe diapering:

We didn’t start when she was a newborn, although I did have smaller ones, but I was kind of scared because there was a lot of doubt when I told people about it. But after I started feeling more confident I slowly started trying them out at night, and now I absolutely love cloth diapering.  I am so mad at myself for not trusting myself earlier.  Now if I could just get Markus totally on board.  It seems he only likes the crazy colourful ones that don’t match any of her natural-coloured clothing that he also loves. At first I only bought white in many different brands to test and decide which I really like. Now I have realised I need crazy colours, so Markus will be excited about using them as well. Here are some crazy coloured ones that Markus likes:

We have Totsbots, Pop-Ins, Blueberry and BumGenius — and a couple different versions of each.  These were the brands I was able to get here. BumGenuis may be my favourite (I haven’t decided yet.), but they are the hardest to find in Germany. Here is a pictures of some of what we have (some are obviously being used):

As far as washing goes, it depends on how many diapers you have. I wash once a day and hang dry, which I don’t mind at all. But once I have more, I won’t have to wash once a day. I really don’t mind the washing. I also should remind the American readers, that we have really small (but really good) washing machines here — and I don’t even fill up a load with my daily wash. Many of the blogs I read say they wash a couple of times a week. Here is how I hang them to dry in the window.

Here is Maxine’s reaction now, when I say we are going to change her diaper:


Of course there are a lot of reasons to do cloth diapering (garbage reduction, money saving, no diaper rash, no chemicals, cuteness factor, etc) but the disadvantages I see are that the clothing has to be a bit bigger and you have to have a wet bag when you are out. (Full disclosure: I still use disposable ones when we go out for a long day trip.) Right now because I’m breastfeeding I just throw them in the wash, but when she starts eating solids, I’ll have to dump into the toilet.  I think that will also be fine, but we’ll see.  I’m enjoying the cloth now, and also enjoying not taking out the trash as much, and not buying disposables!

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