Lemon Tart á Julia Child

So today I attempted Julia Child’s lemon tart.

It was a lot more difficult than I originally thought. Boiling the rinds of the lemons, whisking the eggs, and of course the general measurement conversations that I deal with every time I cook out of an American cookbook. Julia herself said,

“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”

So I guess I shouldn’t get frustrated, right?  Well, I think most of my frustration lies in the fact that the dishwasher isn’t working, so I have to work on a dish covered countertop. Not to mention I am out of detergent. One would normally assume that I should go across the street and buy some Palmolive. Yet, this person would not understand the hardships of first trimester pregnancy.

I am happy that Julia’s (we’re on first name basis here) recipes are in steps, blocks more like it. And this is not because this allows me to take one part at a time without getting overwhelmed. No, I am relieved these steps exist because I can take a break after each part. I get so exhausted after whisking that I can’t finish the lemon syrup to go on top.

This is ok, because the recipe is in parts with breaks were I can lay in bed, look up at my beautiful ceiling and chat with my husband on skype.  Until I get the energy to get back up and make that syrup out of the lemon rinds which I beautifully dress my tart with.You will see in the pictures that I had trouble with measurements. I don’t know if my pie form wasn’t right or somehow the measurements were not converted correctly. Although the crust goes way above the tart, I think this will still taste delicious and I am excited to try it once it has been chilled. My most joyful moment of the whole experience I have to say was that the tart didn’t end of being scrambled eggs when I took it out of the oven.  Because it is only eggs, sugar, and lemon juice I had a huge fear of sour scramble eggs. I also know it should be clear, and there are dark specks. These specks are vanilla. Instead of using vanilla extract, I used real vanilla — ya know, from the stick. I know this also went against Julia’s plan, but I wasn’t going to make it downtown today to get vanilla extract.


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