chicken noodle soup

Markus and I got sick with a cold in Bavaria. It always seems like I always get sick in the south. It may be more allergies than a cold.  I was also always sick in Kentucky. Here in Hamburg it has been a lot better.

When we got home, we bought  “soup chicken,”  which is an older chicken (what Markus names grandma chicken). We also had to buy a bigger pot. We have been needing a big pot for awhile.  It will be perfect for chili and large amounts of soup in the future. I can also use it for canning.

The chicken was placed in the pot with the veggies: celery stalks, carrot, celery root, leek, onions, and finally water later.

Once the chicken had cooked for three hours, we deboned it and drained the veggies out. The flavour was pretty much out of them anyway.  We skimmed the top of the soup to separate the chicken lard and saved it in a glass. You never know when you need some schmaltz.   We then salted and peppered the soup and ate it with a baguette. Here are some pictures of the process.

Needless to say, Markus and I are feeling better. It is the last day of our time off work, but at least we get to relax today without being too sick. 

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